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ZipLine was formed in 2004 to forge a paradigm shift in debit card products issued as merchant branded cards rather than bank branded debit cards. In 2013, the company added mobile payments to their suite of products. The company holds several patents related to the processing and methods for payment transactions. Merchants are interested in having their own debit payment programs because by doing so they reduce their overall cost of interchange fee's by giving them a more cost-effective alternative.

ZipLine’s price remains lower than what merchants achieved through federal regulations that lowered some debit card interchange. (Source) As importantly, merchants want to build sustained customer loyalty that drives new sales by offering their customers discounts that they fund from interchange savings that they would have paid to banks. In addition, the ZipLine program gives merchants invaluable information about who their customers are and how much they spend.

They receive this information through an online merchant portal provided by ZipLine. This information is not available to merchants and consumers who pay with Visa or MasterCard. All consumer-facing communications are branded for each merchant with their own graphics and logos, further enforcing the relationship between the consumer and the merchant. Through proprietary software and business methods, ZipLine offers merchants high levels of reliability and security. Transactions are guaranteed to merchants so they never see a chargeback.

In 2011, historical legislation was enacted by the federal government to control the fees that banks and networks were allowed to charge. This legislation was fostered due to the strangle hold that banks and the networks had on merchants. Even though the legislation brought some relief to merchants, it did not bring the relief that was sought. As a result, ZipLine’s position has been enhanced rather than harmed.

• ZipLine provides you with everything you need to launch a program.
• Transactions are guaranteed so you will never see a returned item or chargeback.
• Merchants receive next-day settlement.
• Pricing is a fixed fee per transaction regardless of the amount of the purchase.
• Merchant Reporting. Reporting is real-time and includes reports for management of the program, accounting and reconcilement, and tracking customer enrollments and shopping.

• Consumer Portal for self servicing. Consumers can view transactions, communicate with the help desk, report lost cards, update account information.

• Confirmation of purchases. Consumers receive an email confirming each purchase providing additional security to your customers. The emails can include merchant-specific coupons and promotions that help drive in-store visits.

• Our customer service staff takes calls from consumers, avoiding the need for our clients to get involved in consumer questions regarding the program or about any of their use of the card.

• We provide program management support to our clients for all facets of a program including design and fulfillment of cards and merchant branded marketing materials.

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